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Hormone Replacement

Can hormone replacement (testosterone) be safe?

Yes. HOWEVER, to safely replacement testosterone levels of testosterone, estrogen, and dihydrotestosterone must be checked frequently at first-and periodically thereafter. Please, make sure that your physician, PA, or nurse practioner is experienced in following men on testosterone. Do not simply get a prescription one get a prescription one time and think that is all there is to hormone replacement.


Is growth hormone (HGH) possible.

Yes. However, HGH must be used with caution and vigilant monitoring.


What are the symptoms of "Low T"?

Initially, the symptoms are usually a lack of stamina, a lack of drive, lack of libido, a loss of pleasure from things that usually make one happy, irritability, melancholy, and low energy. Erectile dysfunction and muscle wasting come much later.


Before starting HGH or testosterone, it is essential to evaluate adrenal glands and thorough thyroid testing!

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