Robert C Thomas, MD

Board Certified in Family Practice | FAA Senior Medical Examiner

Dr. Thomas began his career as a Special Forces medic and has been in aviation medicine since 1991 as a Navy, Marine Corps, NASA, and then later USCG flight surgeon. Dr. Thomas is a private pilot, board certified family practic doctor, and has a great interest in aviation medicine, preventative medicine, alternative medicine, hormone replacement therapy and men's health and fitness.

Timothy Morgan, PA-C

University of Washington, MEDEX 2003

Tim began his medical career in 1989 as an EMT in Southern California. He moved to Alaska on August 14,1991 and began working as a Community Health Practitioner in the Native communities of the North Slope. Tim has a broad range of clinical experience including Family Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Travel Medicine and Dermatology. Much like Dr. Thomas, Tim also has a great interest in Men's Health, as well as specialties relating to Occupational Medicine.

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