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Dr. Robert Thomas, MD

Board-Certified in Family Medicine


Dr. Thomas began his career as a Special Forces medic and has been in aviation medicine since 1991 as a Navy, Marine Corps, NASA, and then later USCG flight surgeon. Dr. Thomas is an ASEL, ASES, instrument pilot, and board-eligible family practice doctor.

Dr. Amanda Smith , MD

Board-Certified in Family Medicine (University of Missouri-KC)

After completing her residency at Franciscan Health in Indianapolis, IN, and her fellowship, Dr. Smith worked as a primary care physician for 6 years. She became interested in aviation medicine while pursuing her own private pilot license.

Dr. Ronald Lloyd Healy, MD
Medical Degree (University of BC Faculty of Medicine)
Board-Certified in Family Medicine (University of Wyoming)


During medical school, Dr. Healy joined the Canadian Armed Forces and served as a flight surgeon for an F-18 squadron. He is currently working as a hospitalist in Anchorage and is now serving as a part of the ATP team.

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