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Pilots often worry about high blood pressure. No pilot should ever lose their medical certification due to high blood pressure. Years of experience has proved that normally angst over the physical examination causes an isolated increase in blood pressure. This is often known as white coat hypertension and is not disqualifying. The FAA acknowledges that the angst ever flight physical can cause a brief temporary rise in blood pressure and subsequently allows a blood pressure of 155/95 to be qualifying. For pilots interested, ATP Medicine is happy to provide information and assistance with non-pharmacological treatment of hypertension. Even in the pilot does have genuine hypertension, not complete treated by alternative methods, and is required to have blood pressure medication, that is certainly not a problem. Most of the usual blood pressure medications are approved by the FAA. The FAA has become even more lenient with hypertension in that EKG and lab tests are not required for hypertension were. Bloodwork is rarely needed.

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