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There is an experiment which has been reproduced many times demonstrating that calorie reduction slows aging. The rate of apoptosis and death of cell lines actually slows with reduction in calories. AND, the calories that you do take need to be obtained from foods which are beneficial and not harmful. It is difficult to find good healthy food, but it so important to health and slowing the aging process. A great diet is so important. There are some nutritional supplents that can be very helpful.


A quick word about heart health nutients:

Reservatrol, Co Q 10, Carnitine, and Ribose are very important.


A quick word about joint pain:

Did you know that one curcumin supplement is usually equivalent to 25 teaspoons of tumeric ( the spice found in curry)? This is a great anti-inflammatory. Did you know that chondroitin should not be taken by most men? Glucosamine MSM is very good, but please omit the chondroitin.


Find out more about supplements that are helpful for men's heath and which may be harmful.

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